Preschool Readiness

Before you can find the right preschool for your child, you have to make sure they are ready for preschool. It's important to remember though, preschool readiness is much more than just a list of skills. Click on the discussions below to read up on the different aspects of preschool readiness.



Emotional readiness, potty training, attention span and more make up this handy list to help you gauge if your child is ready to take the preschool plunge.

Separation Anxiety: How to Deal

Get some tried and true tips on how to tackle separation anxiety, plus how to try and prevent it before it even happens.


What to Ask on a Preschool Tour

In addition to more practical questions like cost, the hours classes are offered, and location, there are many things to take into mind when looking at schools. When you set up your tours, keep these questions on hand to get the full picture.