Community Roots School

Located at 48 Beekman Street in Saratoga Springs   (518) 306-6829


Community Roots School is a one-room classroom with a mixed age group.

Our school year begins after Labor Day and continues into mid June. The ages of children in our program range from 3 to 5 years old. We maintain consistency and rhythm in our classroom in order to create a learning environment where each child feels safe and has the ability to thrive.

Our daily rhythm begins between 8am and 9am with drop off and uninterrupted free play, allowing the children to welcome the school day. Morning circle follows free play which leads to AM snack, calendar, field trips/lessons, outdoor play, lunch, nap, PM snack, afternoon lesson/centers, free play, and pick up at 5:30PM.

Every child enrolled in the program is provided with three meals a day. Our meals are mostly organic and locally sourced when possible. Our lunches are delivered each afternoon from The Beekman Street Café, next door. We have created a four week rotating menu with the Café that follows the New York State Office of Children and Families Services dietary guidelines and have been approved by a registered dietitian.


Children at Community Roots School are given the opportunity to be active members of their community. We are conveniently located on the west side of Saratoga Springs in the middle of the Beekman Street Arts District. Our location gives us access to many local businesses, art galleries, studios, charitable centers, and the city bus line. We take field trips every week. Some examples of these trips are taking the city bus to Healthy Living for cooking classes, making bread at Temple Sinai, donating food to Shelters of Saratoga, learning about fiber arts at the Frittelli & Lockwood Textile Studio, and learning about local history at the Bottle Museum in Ballston Spa.

We bring our sense of community into the classroom as well. We have an open door policy for friends and family to share their talents and skills with our students. Our good friend and yoga instructor, Mallory McGavin, comes each Thursday afternoon with a prepared cooking or yoga class. We have elementary school teachers, firemen, secret readers, and many other volunteers visit.

ABOUT: Community Roots School

Community Roots School is a private pre-school in downtown Saratoga Springs that combines the best of traditional, Reggio Emilia and Montessori education in a unique school program; that is as fun for children as it is educational and supportive. We prepare children for success in Kindergarten and beyond while nurturing their physical, social, emotional, linguistic, intellectual and cultural learning.

Our goal is to open up young minds to the creative, ever changing and amazing world that we live in.  Our philosophy is to teach young individuals how to be empathetic, independent, contributing members of society through real life experiences.  Rather than using traditional classroom methods, we feel it is extremely important to use our community as an active learning tool, to foster these skills.  A core part of any preschool curriculum is learning about the community in which we live.  We feel there is no better way to achieve this, than by actually getting out there and experiencing it first-hand.  Our program will visit local business, municipal buildings, work with local college students, engage in community service and utilize the various art venues and parks available in downtown Saratoga Springs.

Another very important piece to our philosophy is imaginative play.  Imaginative play is how children use their knowledge of the world around them to express themselves. This form of free and uninterrupted play helps to reinforce this knowledge.  Our program believes in giving children the adequate time they need to fully carry out this very important learning process.  Children are given free uninterrupted play each day, and many times throughout the day. We have free play each morning.  We also make sure we get outside in nature each day and allow children to explore in their natural surroundings.

We feel it is very important to make children in the early childhood years excited about learning.  If you are able to pique a child’s interest during these years, it can only grow and flourish as they get older. At Community Roots School, we believe it is important to bring academics into the early childhood classroom through authentic understanding of a concept and memorable experiences, while being fully prepared for kindergarten and New York State Common Core.



We do offer private tours/visits for families who are interested in our program. Tours can be scheduled by phone or email. If you and your family would like to make an appointment please call our school phone at (518)306-6829 or email us at

Open Houses:

Throughout the year, we'll host a few open houses, where families can come meet our teachers and explore our classroom. While we do not have any open houses currently scheduled, be sure to check back on our website and Facebook page for updates and announcements!


Registration is currently open for 3-5 year olds for the 2017-2018 school year, in addition to Summer Camp 2017. Click the button below for more information about registering your child.


Kristin and Jenna have been caring for our children for nearly four years, and we highly recommend Community Roots School. Our oldest (now in first grade) attended preschool with them and is thriving academically and socially. Our three year loves school and comes home every day with stories of her adventures and all that she learned. From taking the bus to the Bottle Museum in Ballston Spa for “B” week to baking Challah with the Rabbi at Temple Sinai for “T” week to in-house yoga sessions and endless hours playing outside in all types of weather, Community Roots is a very special place that fosters imaginative play and hands-on learning.
— Michaela B.

We have had our kids in several childcare programs, since we’ve moved to several areas of the country and state. By far, Community Roots School is the best we have seen. The programming is an ideal balance of Waldorf, Montessori, and something community-focused all their own. Our son is learning his letters, numbers, and manners, no question, but he is also learning about his City— how to be a member of the community, and how to find joy in all our town has to offer. The school is perfectly situated in a sweet little building in the heart of Beekman, walk-able to so many things. The teachers, Kristin and Jenna are real treasures. I am sure there are many good programs in Saratoga, but this one is extra special.
— Sarah E.

Community Roots takes the best of the teaching philosophies out there, and weaves them into their own special program. Our daughter is clearly getting a comprehensive early education, but what we love most are the values and traditions that Kristin and Jenna have established for their school, which holistically teach the children about things like the environment, where our food comes from, caring for others in our community, world perspectives in other cultures, the beauty of the great outdoors, healthy eating and cooking, sharing, empathy, and creativity. These tenets set the school apart from any other program in the area. Our daughter has been in Kristin and Jenna’s program for 3 years, and we have watched her flourish thanks to the unparalleled care and cultivation she receives at their school. We are so grateful for our experience there.
— Sue K.
We chose Community Roots because it was the program that most closely aligns with our values as a family. Our daughter is not only adequately prepared for Kindergarten academically, but even at the age of 4, demonstrates concern for the environment, an interest in participating in her community, and empathy toward for others. Community Roots uniquely balances imaginative play, experiential learning and teacher-led lessons so that kids learn in a variety of ways going well beyond simply meeting state requirements. We couldn’t be more pleased with our child’s preschool experience.
— Meghan H.